Editing Services


Editing Services

Completing your academic assignments does not guarantee you good grades. You must ensure the paper is free from any grammatical and spelling errors. This is why you need expert editors to proofread your homework and assignment and ensure you deliver “pure gold.” 

While there are numerous self-proclaimed editors, very few can meet the required threshold for academic essays. All Term papers boast of being the best service providers for editing and proofreading jobs. Regardless of how good you are in certain subjects, it is almost impossible to complete a whole essay without a linguistic or stylistic error. We provide a new pair of eyes to catch all the mistakes. Ultimately, we deliver error-free and high-quality assignments.

Top Mistakes in Academic Essays

Completing an academic essay goes beyond research and putting ideas into writing. The evaluation criteria encompass numerous factors. Below are some common errors and the solutions we provide.

Essay Structure

College assignments are quite different from high school essays. The assignments vary significantly. Therefore, you must differentiate the various assignments, including case studies, thesis, research papers,  and project reports. Each type of assignment has a distinct structure and format. Our editors will go through the assignment to ensure that you have adhered to the standard requirements.

Confirming Facts and Resources

A quality essay should be properly cited using authoritative sources. Using inaccurate or fake statistics, figures or facts can lead to penalization. This means that your grades will be affected significantly.

Adhering to the University Guidelines

You must follow your university guidelines when handling assignments, especially thesis papers. Failure to follow this guide will adversely affect your grades. Note that every university has its unique set of instructions and requirements. Our skilled editors understand the requirements of various universities, having handled myriad editing tasks from various universities.  We know how to tweak your paper to ensure its quality at par with the instructions.

What We Offer

We offer the best service in the industry. Below are some of the important aspects we deal with to ensure we give you the best services.

Correct Grammar and Sentence Structure

We have a team of native editors well versed in the English language. They easily detect grammatical and syntax errors. Besides enhancing the grammar, the editors also correct sentence structure. A grammatically free job appeals to professors earning you high grades.

Seamless Flow

One of the problems many students face is writing a free-flowing article. A poorly structured essay does not capture the reader’s attention. This means your lecture will lose interest in reading your essay, which amounts to poor grades.  Our editor will ensure there is a connection between the sentences and paragraphs.  They also ensure that the connectivity between the introduction body and concluding is perfect.  After going through the job, the editor identifies areas that need improvement and work on the paper to ensure it has a seamless flow of information.

Using The Most Appropriate Words And Punctuations

Our editors pay close attention to the choice of words when reading your work. To be precise, they check for repetitive words. If they find a word or phrase that has been used repeatedly, they replace it with a more suitable word that fits the context. Here is the good news. Our editors have extensive experience in editing. This means that they have a rich vocabulary.

Another crucial area of concern is punctuation. An awkwardly punctuated job loses clarity and appeal. Therefore, our editors pay attention to the use of punctuation marks, making the correct edits.

Perfect Formatting

Lecturers indicate the required formatting in the job instructions. For instance, you must adhere to the font size and line spacing requirement. Failure to follow the rule leads to losing some marks. Moreover, our editors will also ensure the job has bold subheadings, correct spacing and well organized. Ultimately you will receive a tidy and neat job.

Accurate citation and Precise Referencing

Most academic essays require that you use several sources to support your arguments and facts. However, you must reference the job properly whenever you use work from other authors. Some of the most common referencing methods are Chicago, MLA and APA. Failure to cite and reference the jobs appropriately leads to plagiarism.  Well, do not fret. Our editors will proofread and edit your job according to your university’s citation and referencing styles.

What Makes Our Service Effective

You are probably skeptical about finding the right people for editing and proofreading tasks. In fact, you are not alone. We see many students looking to “pay someone to edit my essay paper” services. The general concern is getting the right experts keen to go through your paper picking given the slightest mistakes.

Well, this is what makes our services distinct. We go the extra mile beyond editing grammar and spelling mistakes. We also ensure your essay has seamless paragraph flow and proper sentence structure. But that is not all. Below are some more reasons why you should consider us.

Our editors will thoroughly proofread your paper to ensure 100% accuracy. The experts will also refine your job to ensure you have a paper that meets requisite academic standards. This means that we will remove all factual and technical errors to ensure you get a polished essay.

  • We offer a comprehensive solution, including the correct use of tenses and adjectives.
  • The Proofreaders are well versed in English. Therefore they can easily replace redundant words using the right synonyms.
  • Our stalwarts are highly knowledgeable. The theorem ensure your paper is drafted using the right sentence formation, correct English, and location-specific language (US/UK/Australian English)
  • The editors will go through sentence by sentence, ensuring you are using the correct choice of words. They are well conversant with proper punctuation and inconsistent sentence flow. They will easily address these issues and provide the right solutions.
  • Run-on sentences and inaccurately connected independent clauses are a common problem in academic essays. Our editors will provide the required correction to these problems.

Feature of Our Editing Services

Getting an agency that provides you with a comprehensive editing service can be a tall order. This is why you should always depend on all term papers. We have a world-class editing team to offer the best “edit my paper” services.  Below are the benefits of working with us.

Round the clock customer support

One of the attributes that set our service apart from the rest is our 24/7 support. The last thing you should worry about is getting delayed responses to your queries. We have a reputation for providing quick solutions regardless of your query. Whether you need academic assistance or help concerning placing orders, we will help you. Our able customer support is available to answer your queries instantly.

Experienced Team of Editors

Our team of edits boasts high expertise in written English. They are always ready round the clock to edit your tasks and ensure you submit impeccable quality work. Our diverse staff has extensive experience proofreading tasks from a myriad of subjects and topics.

Plagiarism Free Work

While editing your work, we strive to retain its originality. This means that we will eliminate any traces of plagiarism while ensuring the final piece is 100% original. In fact, we check the job through plagiarism checkers. The last thing you would want is to get expelled from college after paying for editing and proofreading services. It sounds bad, doesn’t it? This is why All Term Paper should be your go-to agency for proofreading and editing tasks.

Your Confidentiality is Our Priority

Many students are usually concerned about their privacy. Well, Don’t worry about sharing your credentials with us. We guarantee to keep your details secret Whenever you share your credentials with a third party. In fact, you will work with our writer anonymously.

Why You Need Editing Services

At this point, you understand what editing entails and why it is important. First, grammatical mistakes can send the wrong impression. For instance, if you are writing an admission paper, it is essential to show your top writing skills.

The last thing you should do is submit a paper characterized by grammatical errors. Even after thorough research and writing your best work, punctuation errors and poor sentence structure can mess your whole job. In fact, failure to follow the basics of writing skills can mean the difference between you being accepted to the campus of your dreams or not.

Another reason why you need editing services is to ensure your job is free from plagiarism. Plagiarism is a cardinal mistake in writing. Our editors tweak the job accordingly and remove duplicate information from other sources. The best part is that they ensure the content remains relevant without compromising the evaluation standards.

Work With the Best Editors in the Market

Working with half-baked editors will equally translate to low-quality work. If you spend money hiring editors, you should get polished work. There is no compromise. This is why you should work with All Term Paper Editors. We offer the best editing jobs in the market. Try us today!